Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simple and Good Ideas for a Welcome Gift

Gift BasketImage by Tojosan via Flickr

Many of you might feel this is unwanted but a Welcome Gift gets your relationship with the guest to a good start and creates a lasting first impression in his/her mind. This is why I would highly recommend it. Here are some of the things I would suggest as a good welcome gift. I have chosen items which are easily available and which you can stock in multiples so that your housekeeper can keep them around as part of preparing the homestay to receive guests.

1. Something of local significance and can be consumed while they are staying at your place at least partially. So for instance if you are in Lonavala - a Chikki or Fudge Box, a selection of teas, coffees if you are in a plantation etc.

2. Assortment of chocolates. These are easily available and are usually well appreciated. Try and not buy branded chocolates that are readily available but order from a homemade supplier who could prepare a box with a greeting card from yourself.

3. Gift Vouchers and Discount Coupons for good restaurants close to your property. I find this is something that may not cost anything - it would promote and add to the restaurant owners business and at the same time will give your guests something to look forward to.

4. An interesting book that has significance to your area. Make sure that you put in a personal message with the day and date of the stay on the book inner leaf as a memory of their stay.

5. Personalized gifts. In India, something that is very popular with foreign tourists is a small Ganpati or a doll in Indian costume. This will serve as a great reminder for them when they go back to their country.

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