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Thumb rules for Crockery, Cutlery and Linen in your holiday home

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I thought I would do a small post on the quantity of Crockery, Cutlery and Linen that must be stocked at your holiday home for the benefit of guests. Firstly here is a list of Crockery and Cutlery:-

Eating Crockery
1. Plates
2. Side Plates
3. Soup bowls
4. Ice Cream Bowls
5. Katoris

Serving Crockery
1. Butter Container
2. Serving Dishes of multiple sizes
3. Salad Bowl
4. Biryani Dish

Drinking Crockery
1. Water Glasses
2. Beer Mugs
3. Shot Glasses
4. Wine Glasses
5. Whiskey Glasses
6. Plastic Water Mugs
7. Coffee/ Tea Mugs

1. Serving Dishes - many different varieties and sizes
2. Dal/ Soup Spoon
3. Ice Cream Scooper
4. Tea Strainer
5. Egg Slicer
6. Tea Spoons
7. Knives
8. Forks
9. Soup Spoons
10. Eating Spoons (Table Spoons)

In general my thumb rule for the amount of crockery to keep is this:-
1. Calculate the number of people that is the maximum your house can accomodate.
2. Assume that you have the maximum number of people living in your house and outline all the meals they will have during a day starting with tea when they wake up, followed by breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and a post dinner or pre-dinner drinks session.
3. Look at all the cutlery this requires plus some extra side plates and Tea Mugs.

This is the amount of cutlery that you need to provide. The reason for saying this is that if you have cleaning staff that comes in once a day, the cutlery needs to be sufficient so that the guests never have to do any washing before their next meal.

Remember, people when on holiday tend to eat a lot and food is the focal point of many vacations. Ensuring there is adequate cutlery and that they never have to do any washing will go a long way in making sure guests are happy.

Moving to Linen.

Here are some of the things that you will need to provide
1. Bed sheets
2. Pillow Cases
3. Pillows
4. Blanket and Bed Spread
5. Hand Towels
6. Bathing towels
7. Bath Mats
8. Dining Room Napkins.

To decide the quantity of linen you need to stock follow the following process:-
1. Decide the total number of people who can sleep in your house.
2. Ensure that there is one set of Bedsheet, blanket, 2 sets of pillows, 2 sets of pillow cases, for each person available in the appropriate bedroom. If you have provision for some people to sleep in the common areas using extra matresses then stock the linen for these people along with the extra mattresses and not in one of the bedrooms. Remember, guests from one room should never have to go to another room to fetch their linen.
3. For bath linen ensure that there is double the amount of linen as the number of people who will use the bathroom. So if it is going to be used by one person then ensure that there are two sets of hand towels, two sets of bath towels, two bath mats etc.

Ensuring that there is adequate cutlery, crockery and linen will go a long way in making your guests welcome. Remember of course to prepare an inventory list and ensure that your caretaker takes an inventory check before check out.

Tip:- I have found it a good idea to create a photo album of all items. It helps in identifying all things and ensures that it is easy to transfer information to a new caretaker once he changes.

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