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Long Weekends to watch out for in 2011

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Thought I would list out all the long weekends in 2011 so you can plan your vacation while using the least amount of leave. You can see an online version of this here.

Don't be sleeping like the guy on the right. Make sure you apply for leave on the dates below so that you maximize your time off.

January 26 - Republic Day - Falls on a wednesday so you can either take 24th, 25th (Monday, Tuesday) or else 27th, 28th(Thursday, Friday) off and enjoy a 5 day break enough for a really good holiday anywhere in India.

February 16th - Id-E-Milad - Falls on a wednesday and so you can take either 14,15th off or else 17th and 18th off and enjoy a 5 day break.

For those in Maharashtra - February 19th is also off on account of Chatrapati Shivaji Jayanti and since it falls on a Saturday is a good option for those who have a six day week to club the same with the Id- Holiday to go on a 5 day break.

March 2nd - Maha Shivratri - Wednesday and so 5 day weekend can be availed by taking 2 days off.

1st - Banks Closing off - Friday -
4th - Gudi Padwa - Monday -
Since Monday and Friday are both off it is a 4 day holiday. You can extend the same to a six day holiday by taking Tuesday and Wednesday off or the Prior Thursday.

12th - Ram Navami - Tuesday
14th - Ambedkar Jayanti - Thursday
16th - Mahavir Jayanti - Saturday
Since they all fall so close to each other by taking 11th(Monday), 13th (Wednesday) and 15th (Friday) off you can enjoy a 9 day holiday by taking 3 days off coming back to work on the 18th.

22nd - Good Friday - Friday
Three day holiday without using any paid leave from 22nd to the 24th.

17th- Buddha Purnima - Tuesday - You can get a 4 day holiday by taking the monday off - 16th of May.

15th- Independence Day - Monday
19th- Parsi New Year - Friday
You can use either three day weekend for short getaway from your city or else take Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (16th, 17th, 18th) off to get a mega 9 day holiday while consuming only 3 paid leaves.

31st- Ramzan ID - Wednesday
This is adjacent to Ganesh Chaturthi on the 1st of september and hence by taking 1 day off - 2nd of September you can take a 5 day holiday

1st - Ganesh Chaturthi-Thursday- Best combined with Ramzan Id on the 31st of August for a longer holiday.

6th - Dassera- Thursday - You can get a 4 day weekend by taking one day off - 7th of Oct
26th,27th - Diwali - Wednesday, Thursday - You can take 3 days off - 24,25th and the 28th and enjoy a break of 9days enough to go on a long vacation anywhere in the world.

7th - Bakri Id - Monday
10th - Guru Nanak Jayanti - Thursday
Best clubbed with each other- Ideally take either 2 days off 8th and 9th and enjoy a 6 day holiday or else take 3 days off (add 11th) and you can enjoy a 9 day holiday.

6th - Moharrum - Tuesday - You can take 5th off and enjoy a 4 day weekend enough for a quick getaway within India.
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